Regulation 13 - Standard discharge connection
Clasification Society 2024 - Version 9.40

Regulation 13 - Standard discharge connection

 To enable pipes of reception facilities to be connected with the ship's discharge pipeline for residues from machinery bilges and from oil residue (sludge) tanks, both lines shall be fitted with a standard discharge connection in accordance with the following table:

Standard dimensions of flanges for discharge connections

Description Dimension
Outside diameter 215 mm
Inner diameter According to pipe outside diameter
Bolt circle diameter 183 mm
Slots in flange 6 holes 22 mm in diameter equidistantly placed on a bolt circle of the above diameter, slotted to the flange periphery. The slot width to be 22 mm
Flange thickness 20 mm
Bolts and nuts: 6, each of 20 mm in diameter and of suitable length
quantity, diameter
The flange is designed to accept pipes up to a maximum internal diameter of 125 mm and shall be of steel or other equivalent material having a flat face. This flange, together with a gasket of oil-proof material, shall be suitable for a service pressure of 600 kPa.

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