Section A-I/3 Principles governing near-coastal voyages
Clasification Society 2024 - Version 9.40

Section A-I/3 Principles governing near-coastal voyages

  1 When a Party defines near-coastal voyages, inter alia, for the purpose of applying variations to the subjects listed in column 2 of the standard of competence tables contained in chapters II and III of part A of the Code, for the issue of certificates valid for service on ships entitled to fly the flag of that Party and engaged on such voyages, account shall be taken of the following factors, bearing in mind the effect on the safety and security of all ships and on the marine environment:

  • .1 type of ship and the trade in which it is engaged;

  • .2 gross tonnage of the ship and the propulsion power in kilowatts of the main machinery;

  • .3 nature and length of the voyages;

  • .4 maximum distance from a port of refuge;

  • .5 adequacy of the coverage and accuracy of navigational position-fixing devices;

  • .6 weather conditions normally prevailing in the near-coastal voyages area;

  • .7 provision of shipboard and coastal communication facilities for search and rescue; and

  • .8 the availability of shore-based support, regarding especially technical maintenance on board.

  2 It is not intended that ships engaged on near-coastal voyages extend their voyages worldwide, under the excuse that they are navigating constantly within the limits of designated near-coastal voyages of neighbouring Parties.

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