Regulation 29 - Decision support system for masters of passenger ships
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Regulation 29 - Decision support system for masters of passenger ships

  1 This regulation applies to all passenger ships. Passenger ships constructed before 1 July 1997 shall comply with the requirements of this regulation not later than the date of the first periodical survey after 1 July 1999.

  2 In all passenger ships, a decision support system for emergency management shall be provided on the navigation bridge.

  3 The system shall, as a minimum, consist of a printed emergency plan or plans footnote. All foreseeable emergency situations shall be identified in the emergency plan or plans, including, but not limited to, the following main groups of emergencies:

  • .1 fire;

  • .2 damage to ship;

  • .3 pollution;

  • .4 unlawful acts threatening the safety of the ship and the security of its passengers and crew;

  • .5 personnel accidents;

  • .6 cargo-related accidents; and

  • .7 emergency assistance to other ships.

  4 The emergency procedures established in the emergency plan or plans shall provide decision support to masters for handling any combination of emergency situations.

  5 The emergency plan or plans shall have a uniform structure and be easy to use. Where applicable, the actual loading condition as calculated for the passenger ship's voyage stability shall be used for damage control purposes.

  6 In addition to the printed emergency plan or plans, the Administration may also accept the use of a computer-based decision support system on the navigation bridge which provides all the information contained in the emergency plan or plans, procedures, checklists, etc., which is able to present a list of recommended actions to be carried out in foreseeable emergencies.

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