Regulation 35 - Crude oil washing operations
Clasification Society 2024 - Version 9.40

Regulation 35 - Crude oil washing operations

  1 Every oil tanker operating with crude oil washing systems shall be provided with an Operations and Equipment Manual footnotedetailing the system and equipment and specifying operational procedures. Such a Manual shall be to the satisfaction of the Administration and shall contain all the information set out in the specifications referred to in paragraph 2 of regulation 33 of this Annex. If an alteration affecting the crude oil washing system is made, the Operations and Equipment Manual shall be revised accordingly.

  2 With respect to the ballasting of cargo tanks, sufficient cargo tanks shall be crude oil washed prior to each ballast voyage in order that, taking into account the tanker's trading pattern and expected weather conditions, ballast water is put only into cargo tanks which have been crude oil washed.

  3 Unless an oil tanker carries crude oil which is not suitable for crude oil washing, the oil tanker shall operate the crude oil washing system in accordance with the Operations and Equipment Manual.

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