Part B - Preparation for Ship Recycling
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - International Conventions - Hong Kong International Convention For The Safe And Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009 - Annex - Regulations for Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships - Chapter 2 - Requirements for Ships - Part B - Preparation for Ship Recycling

Part B - Preparation for Ship Recycling

Regulation 8 - General requirements

 Ships destined to be recycled shall:

  • .1 only be recycled at Ship Recycling Facilities that are:

    • .1 authorized in accordance with this Convention; and

    • .2 fully authorized to undertake all the ship recycling which the Ship Recycling Plan specifies to be conducted by the identified Ship Recycling Facility(ies);

  • .2 conduct operations in the period prior to entering the Ship Recycling Facility in order to minimize the amount of cargo residues, remaining fuel oil, and wastes remaining on board;

  • .3 in the case of a tanker, arrive at the Ship Recycling Facility with cargo tanks and pump room(s) in a condition that is ready for certification as Safe-for-entry, or Safe-for-hot work, or both, according to national laws, regulations and policies of the Party under whose jurisdiction the Ship Recycling Facility operates;

  • .4 provide to the Ship Recycling Facility all available information relating to the ship for the development of the Ship Recycling Plan required by regulation 9;

  • .5 complete the Inventory required by regulation 5; and

  • .6 be certified as ready for recycling by the Administration or organization recognized by it, prior to any recycling activity taking place.

Regulation 9 - Ship Recycling Plan

 A ship-specific Ship Recycling Plan shall be developed by the Ship Recycling Facility(ies) prior to any recycling of a ship, taking into account the guidelines developed by the Organization. The Ship Recycling Plan shall:

  • .1 be developed taking into account information provided by the shipowner;

  • .2 be developed in the language accepted by the Party authorizing the Ship Recycling Facility, and if the language used is not English, French or Spanish, the Ship Recycling Plan shall be translated into one of these languages, except where the Administration is satisfied that this is not necessary;

  • .3 include information concerning inter alia, the establishment, maintenance, and monitoring of Safe-for-entry and Safe-for-hot work conditions and how the type and amount of materials including those identified in the Inventory of Hazardous Materials will be managed;

  • .4 in accordance with the declaration deposited pursuant to Article 16.6, be either explicitly or tacitly approved by the Competent Authority authorizing the Ship Recycling Facility. The Competent Authority shall send written acknowledgement of receipt of the Ship Recycling Plan to the Ship Recycling Facility, Ship Owner and Administration within three (3) working days of its receipt in accordance with regulation 24. Thereafter:

    • .1 where a Party requires explicit approval of the Ship Recycling Plan, the Competent Authority shall send written notification of its decision to approve or deny the Ship Recycling Plan to the Ship Recycling Facility, Ship Owner and Administration; and

    • .2 where a Party requires tacit approval of the Ship Recycling Plan, the acknowledgment of receipt shall specify the end date of a 14-day review period. The Competent Authority shall notify any written objection to the Ship Recycling Plan to the Ship Recycling Facility, Ship Owner and Administration within this 14-day review period. Where no such written objection has been notified, the Ship Recycling Plan shall be deemed to be approved.

  • .5 once approved in accordance with paragraph .4, be made available for inspection by the Administration, or any nominated surveyors or organization recognized by it; and

  • .6 where more than one Ship Recycling Facility is used, identify the Ship Recycling Facilities to be used and specify the recycling activities and the order in which they occur at each authorized Ship Recycling Facility.

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