12 Wash Programmes
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12 Wash Programmes

  12.1 Where the tanker is engaged in a multiple-port discharge the Oil Record Book should indicate if tanks were crude oil washed at previous discharge ports or at sea. It should be determined that all tanks which will be, or may be, used to contain ballast on the forthcoming voyage will be crude oil washed before the ship leaves the port. There is no obligation to wash any tank other than ballast tanks at a discharge port except that each of these other tanks must be washed at least in accordance with paragraph 6.1 of the Revised Specifications. The Oil Record Books should be inspected to check that this is being complied with.

  12.2 All crude oil washing must be completed before a ship leaves its final port of discharge.

  12.3 If tanks are not being washed in one of the preferred orders given in the Manual, the inspector should satisfy himself that the reason for this and the proposed order of tank washing are acceptable.

  12.4 For each tank being washed it should be ensured that the operation is in accordance with the Operations and Equipment Manual in that:

  • .1 the operation of deck-mounted machines and submerged machines is verified by reference either to indicators, or to the sound patterns of the machines, or by other approved methods;

  • .2 the deck-mounted machines, where applicable, are programmed as stated;

  • .3 the duration of the wash is as required;

  • .4 the number of tank washing machines being used simultaneously does not exceed that specified.

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