Type 'A' Ships
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Type 'A' Ships

  (2) A Type 'A' ship is one which:

  • (a) is designed to carry only liquid cargoes in bulk;

  • (b) has a high integrity of the exposed deck with only small access openings to cargo compartments, closed by watertight gasketed covers of steel or equivalent material; and

  • (c) has low permeability of loaded cargo compartments.

  (3) A Type 'A' ship, if over 150 metres (492 feet) in length to which a freeboard less than Type 'B' has been assigned, when loaded to its summer load water-line, shall be able to withstand the flooding of any compartment or compartments, with an assumed permeability of 0.95, consequent upon the damage assumptions specified in paragraph (12) of this Regulation, and shall remain afloat in a satisfactory condition of equilibrium as specified in paragraph (13) of this Regulation. In such a ship, the machinery space shall be treated as a floodable compartment, but with a permeability of 0.85.

  (4) A Type 'A' ship shall be assigned a freeboard not less than that based on Table A of Regulation 28.

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