Doors ( Regulation 12 ) (IACS interpretation LL.5)
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - International Conventions - Load Lines, 1966/1988 - International Convention on Load Lines, 1966, as Amended by the Protocol of 1988 - Unified Interpretations of the Provisions of the International Convention on Load Lines, 1966 - Doors (Regulation 12) (IACS interpretation LL.5)

Doors ( Regulation 12 ) (IACS interpretation LL.5)

 Doors should generally open outwards to provide additional security against the impact of the sea. Doors which open inwards should be exceptionally approved.

 Portable sills should be avoided. However, in order to facilitate the loading/unloading of heavy or bulky spare parts, portable sills may be fitted on the following conditions:

  • .1 that they are installed before the ship leaves port;

  • .2 that they are gasketed and fastened by closely spaced through bolts.

 Whenever the sills are replaced after removal, the weathertightness of the sills and related doors should be verified by hose testing. The dates of removal, replacing and hose testing should be recorded in the ship's log-book.

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