Regulation 34 - Length of superstructure
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Regulation 34 - Length of superstructure

  (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), the length of a superstructure (S) shall be the mean length of the parts of the superstructure which lie within the length (L).

 Where a superstructure bulkhead is recessed, the effective length of the superstructure shall be reduced by an amount equal to the area of the recess in plan view divided by the breadth of the superstructure at the midlength of the recess. Where the recess is unsymmetrical about the centreline, the largest portion of the recess shall be considered as applying to both sides of the ship. A recess need not be decked over.

  (2) Where the end bulkhead of an enclosed superstructure extends in a fair convex curve beyond its intersection with the superstructure sides, the length of the superstructure may be increased on the basis of an equivalent plane bulkhead. This increase shall be two-thirds of the fore and aft extent of the curvature. The maximum curvature which may be taken into account in determining this increase is one-half the breadth of the superstructure at the point of intersection of the curved end of the superstructure with its side.

 Where there is an extension to a superstructure, which extension has a breadth on each side of the centre line at least 30% of the breadth of the ship, the effective length of the superstructure may be increased by considering an equivalent superstructure bulkhead in the form of a parabola. This parabola shall extend from the extension at the centreline and pass through the junction of the actual superstructure bulkhead with the sides of the extension and extend to the sides of the ship. This parabola shall be completely contained within the boundary of the superstructure and its extensions.

 If the superstructure is set-in from the side, up to the limit allowed under regulation 3(10), the equivalent bulkhead should be calculated on the basis of the actual breadth of the superstructure (and not the breadth of the ship).

  (3) Superstructures which have sloped end bulkheads shall be dealt with in the following manner:

  • (a) When the height of superstructure, clear of the slope, is equal to or smaller than the standard height, length S is to be obtained as shown in figure 34.1.

  • (b) When the height is greater than the standard, length S is to be obtained as shown in figure 34.2.

  • (c) The foregoing will apply only when the slope, related to the base line, is 15 or greater. Where the slope is less than 15, the configuration shall be treated as sheer.

Figure 34.1 Height of superstructure equal to or smaller than the standard height h

Figure 34.2 Height of superstructure greater than the standard height

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