Cargo Ports and other similar openings ( Regulation 21(1) )
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Cargo Ports and other similar openings ( Regulation 21(1) )

 In a ship in which the lower deck has been designated as the freeboard deck, the means of closing openings in the shell plating below the weather deck but above the freeboard deck should be so designed as to ensure integrity against the sea commensurate with the surrounding shell plating, having regard to the position of the opening in relation to the water-line. In such a ship the following principles apply:

  • .1 the effectiveness of closing appliances fitted at cargo ports and other similar openings in the shell of a ship depends on regular observations and maintenance;

  • .2 hose tests are a practical means of verifying the weathertightness or watertightness of such closing appliances; and

  • .3 consideration should be given to the fitting of alarms giving warning of leakage in way of doors in exposed positions.

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