Regulation 6 - Required subdivision index R footnote
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Regulation 6 - Required subdivision index R footnote

  1 The subdivision of a ship is considered sufficient if the attained subdivision index A, determined in accordance with regulation 7, is not less than the required subdivision index R calculated in accordance with this regulation and if, in addition, the partial indices A s , A p and A l are not less than 0.9R for passenger ships and 0.5R for cargo ships.

  2 For ships to which the damage stability requirements of this part apply, the degree of subdivision to be provided shall be determined by the required subdivision index R, as follows:

  • .1 In the case of cargo ships greater than 100 m in length (L s):

  • .2 In the case of cargo ships not less than 80 m in length (L) and not greater than 100 m in length (Ls):

    where R o is the value R as calculated in accordance with the formula in subparagraph .1.

  • .3 In the case of passenger ships:

    Persons on board R
    N < 400 R = 0.722
    400 ≤ N ≤ 1,350 R = N / 7,580 + 0.66923
    1,350 < N ≤ 6,000 R = 0.0369 Ln (N + 89.048) + 0.579
    N > 6,000 R = 1 - (852.5 + 0.03875 N) / (N + 5,000)


    N = total number of persons on board.

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