The following information is required in danger messages:
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - International Conventions - SOLAS - International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea - Chapter V - Safety of navigation - Regulation 32 - Information required in danger messages - The following information is required in danger messages:

The following information is required in danger messages:

  1 Ice, derelicts and other direct dangers to navigation:

  • .1 The kind of ice, derelict or danger observed.

  • .2 The position of the ice, derelict or danger when last observed.

  • .3 The time and date (Universal Co-ordinated Time) when the danger was last observed.

  2 Tropical cyclones (storms):footnote

  • .1 A statement that a tropical cyclone has been encountered. This obligation should be interpreted in a broad spirit, and information transmitted whenever the master has good reason to believe that a tropical cyclone is developing or exists in the neighbourhood.

  • .2 Time, date (Universal Co-ordinated Time) and position of ship when the observation was taken.

  • .3 As much of the following information as is practicable should be included in the message:

    • barometric pressure,footnote preferably corrected (stating millibars, millimetres, or inches, and whether corrected or uncorrected);
    • barometric tendency (the change in barometric pressure during the past three hours);
    • true wind direction;
    • wind force (Beaufort scale);
    • state of the sea (smooth, moderate, rough, high);
    • swell (slight, moderate, heavy) and the true direction from which it comes. Period or length of swell (short, average, long) would also be of value;
    • true course and speed of ship.

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