5 Inert Gas System
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5 Inert Gas System

  5.1 Regulations covering inert gas systems require that instrumentation shall be fitted for continuously indicating and permanently recording the pressure and oxygen content of the gas in the inert gas supply main at all times when inert gas is being supplied. The permanent recorder should indicate if the system has been operating in a satisfactory manner before and during the cargo discharge.

  5.2 If conditions specified in the Operations and Equipment Manual are not being met the washing must be stopped until satisfactory conditions are restored.

  5.3 As a further precautionary measure, the oxygen level in each tank to be washed is to be determined at the tank. The meters used should be calibrated and inspected to ensure that they are in good working order. Readings from tanks already washed in port prior to inspection should be available for checking. Spot checks on readings may be instituted.

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