Regulation 2 - Definitions
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Regulation 2 - Definitions

 For the purpose of this chapter:

  1 Constructed in respect of a ship means a stage of construction where:

  • .1 the keel is laid;

  • .2 construction identifiable with a specific ship begins; or

  • .3 assembly of the ship has commenced comprising at least 50 tonnes or 1% of the estimated mass of all structural material whichever is less.

  2 Nautical chart or nautical publication is a special-purpose map or book, or a specially compiled database from which such a map or book is derived, that is issued officially by or on the authority of a Government, authorized Hydrographic Office or other relevant government institution and is designed to meet the requirements of marine navigation.footnote

  3 All ships means any ship, vessel or craft irrespective of type and purpose.

  4 Length of a ship means its length overall.

  5 Search and rescue service. The performance of distress monitoring, communication, co-ordination and search and rescue functions, including provision of medical advice, initial medical assistance, or medical evacuation, through the use of public and private resources including co-operating aircraft, ships, vessels and other craft and installations.

  6 High-speed craft means a craft as defined in regulation X/1.3.

  7 Mobile offshore drilling unit means a mobile offshore drilling unit as defined in regulation XI-2/1.1.5.

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