Regulation 8 - Control of smoke spread
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Regulation 8 - Control of smoke spread

1 Purpose

 The purpose of this regulation is to control the spread of smoke in order to minimize the hazards from smoke. For this purpose, means for controlling smoke in atriums, control stations, machinery spaces and concealed spaces shall be provided.

2 Protection of control stations outside machinery spaces

 Practicable measures shall be taken for control stations outside machinery spaces in order to ensure that ventilation, visibility and freedom from smoke are maintained so that, in the event of fire, the machinery and equipment contained therein may be supervised and continue to function effectively. Alternative and separate means of air supply shall be provided and air inlets of the two sources of supply shall be so disposed that the risk of both inlets drawing in smoke simultaneously is minimized. At the discretion of the Administration, such requirements need not apply to control stations situated on, and opening on to, an open deck or where local closing arrangements would be equally effective. The ventilation system serving safety centres may be derived from the ventilation system serving the navigation bridge, unless located in an adjacent main vertical zone.

3 Release of smoke from machinery spaces

  3.1 The provisions of this paragraph shall apply to machinery spaces of category A and, where the Administration considers desirable, to other machinery spaces.

  3.2 Suitable arrangements shall be made to permit the release of smoke, in the event of fire, from the space to be protected, subject to the provisions of regulation The normal ventilation systems may be acceptable for this purpose.

  3.3 Means of control shall be provided for permitting the release of smoke and such controls shall be located outside the space concerned so that they will not be cut off in the event of fire from the space they serve.

  3.4 In passenger ships, the controls required by paragraph 3.3 shall be situated at one control position or grouped in as few positions as possible to the satisfaction of the Administration. Such positions shall have a safe access from the open deck.

4 Draught stops

 Air spaces enclosed behind ceilings, panelling or linings shall be divided by close-fitting draught stops spaced not more than 14 m apart. In the vertical direction, such enclosed air spaces, including those behind linings of stairways, trunks, etc., shall be closed at each deck.

5 Smoke extraction systems in atriums of passenger ships

 Atriums shall be equipped with a smoke extraction system. The smoke extraction system shall be activated by the required smoke detection system and be capable of manual control. The fans shall be sized such that the entire volume within the space can be exhausted in 10 min or less.

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