Regulation 25 - Protection of the crew
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Regulation 25 - Protection of the crew

  (1) The deckhouses used for the accommodation of the crew shall be constructed to an acceptable level of strength.

  (2) Guard rails or bulwarks shall be fitted around all exposed decks. The height of the bulwarks or guard rails shall be at least 1 m from the deck, provided that where this height would interfere with the normal operation of the ship, a lesser height may be approved, if the Administration is satisfied that adequate protection is provided.

  (3) Guard rails fitted on superstructure and freeboard decks shall have at least three courses. The opening below the lowest course of the guard rails shall not exceed 230 mm. The other courses shall be not more than 380 mm apart. In the case of ships with rounded gunwales the guard rail supports shall be placed on the flat of the deck. In other locations, guardrails with at least two courses shall be fitted. Guard rails shall comply with the following provisions:

  • (a) fixed, removable or hinged stanchions shall be fitted about 1.5 m apart. Removable or hinged stanchions shall be capable of being locked in the upright position;

  • (b) at least every third stanchion shall be supported by a bracket or stay;

  • (c) where necessary for the normal operation of the ship, steel wire ropes may be accepted in lieu of guard rails. Wires shall be made taut by means of turnbuckles; and

  • (d) where necessary for the normal operation of the ship, chains fitted between two fixed stanchions and/or bulwarks are acceptable in lieu of guard rails.

  (4) Satisfactory means for safe passage required by regulation 25-1 (in the form of guard rails, lifelines, gangways or underdeck passages, etc.) shall be provided for the protection of the crew in getting to and from their quarters, the machinery space and any other spaces used in the essential operation of the ship.

  (5) Deck cargo carried on any ship shall be so stowed that any opening which is in way of the cargo and which gives access to and from the crew’s quarters, the machinery space and all other parts used in the essential operation of the ship can be closed and secured against water ingress. Protection for the crew in the form of guard rails or lifelines shall be provided above the deck cargo if there is no convenient passage on or below the deck of the ship.

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