Regulation 22 - Scuppers, Inlets and Discharges
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Regulation 22 - Scuppers, Inlets and Discharges

  (1) Discharges led through the shell either from spaces below the freeboard deck or from within superstructures and deckhouses on the freeboard deck fitted with doors complying with the requirements of Regulation 12 shall be fitted with efficient and accessible means for preventing water from passing inboard. Normally each separate discharge shall have one automatic non-return valve with a positive means of closing it from a position above the freeboard deck. Where, however, the vertical distance from the summer load waterline to the inboard end of the discharge pipe exceeds 0.01 L, the discharge may have two automatic non-return valves without positive means of closing, provided that the inboard valve is always accessible for examination under service conditions; where that vertical distance exceeds 0.02 L a single automatic non-return valve without positive means of closing may be accepted subject to the approval of the Administration. The means for operating the positive action valve shall be readily accessible and provided with an indicator showing whether the valve is open or closed.

  (2) In manned machinery spaces main and auxiliary sea inlets and discharges in connexion with the operation of machinery may be controlled locally. The controls shall be readily accessible and shall be provided with indicators showing whether the valves are open or closed.

  (3) Scuppers and discharge pipes originating at any level and penetrating the shell either more than 450 millimetres (17 inches) below the freeboard deck or less than 600 millimetres (23 inches) above the summer load waterline shall be provided with a non-return valve at the shell. This valve, unless required by paragraph (1), may be omitted if the piping is of substantial thickness.

  (4) Scuppers leading from superstructures or deckhouses not fitted with doors complying with the requirements of Regulation 12 shall be led overboard.

  (5) All valves and shell fittings required by this Regulation shall be of steel, bronze or other approved ductile material. Valves of ordinary cast iron or similar material are not acceptable. All pipes to which this Regulation refers shall be of steel or other equivalent material to the satisfaction of the Administration.

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