Resolution 3 Transitional provisions
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Resolution 3 Transitional provisions


HAVING ADOPTED the 1995 amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978,

HAVING AGREED that the amendments will include regulation I/15 on Transitional provisions, which allows for an interval of 5 years before Parties will be required to issue, recognize and endorse certificates in accordance with the amendments adopted by the Conference,

RECOGNIZING that, in order for full compliance to be achieved by 1 February 2002, it is necessary for Parties to begin promptly taking appropriate measures to implement the revised Convention in their national training, certification and administration systems,

BEING CONCERNED that difficulties which may arise in connection with implementing the requirements of the revised STCW Convention could undermine the objective of introducing the highest practicable standards of competence at the earliest possible time,

  • 1. URGES each Party to keep the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization informed of progress being made in respect of the transitional provisions of regulation I/15 under its national system to implement the requirements of the amendments to the STCW Convention, adopted by the Conference, as well as any difficulties encountered in this regard;

  • 2. INVITES the Maritime Safety Committee, in order to promote the introduction of the highest practicable standards of competence as soon as possible, to monitor progress toward implementation of the revised STCW Convention by all Parties, with the aim of encouraging an orderly transition and anticipating complications which could otherwise undermine full and effective implementation.

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