Article 7 - Technical Groups
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Article 7 - Technical Groups

  (1) The Committee shall establish a technical group pursuant to article 6 when a comprehensive proposal is received. In circumstances where several proposals are received concurrently or sequentially, the Committee may establish one or more technical groups as needed.

  (2) Any Party may participate in the deliberations of a technical group, and should draw on the relevant expertise available to that Party.

  (3) The Committee shall decide on the terms of reference, organization and operation of the technical groups. Such terms shall provide for protection of any confidential information that may be submitted. Technical groups may hold such meetings as required, but shall endeavour to conduct their work through written or electronic correspondence or other media as appropriate.

  (4) Only the representatives of Parties may participate in formulating any recommendation to the Committee pursuant to article 6. A technical group shall endeavour to achieve unanimity among the representatives of the Parties. If unanimity is not possible, the technical group shall communicate any minority views of such representatives.

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