5. MF/HF DSC watchkeeping facility ( reg IV/10.2.2 )
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Circulars - Radiocommunication and Search and Rescue - COM/Circular.105 - Clarification of Certain Provisions of the 1988 GMDSS Amendments to the 1974 SOLAS Convention (dated 6th August 1991) - 5. MF/HF DSC watchkeeping facility (reg IV/10.2.2)

5. MF/HF DSC watchkeeping facility ( reg IV/10.2.2 )

 This requirement can be met by:

  • a separate MF/HF DSC scanning receiver for distress and safety DSC frequencies only; or
  • a dedicated MF/HF DSC scanning watch receiver for distress and safety DSC frequencies only combined with the MF/HF radiotelephone.

If DSC operation is desirable on other frequencies, an additional scanning receiver should be provided.

A single DSC decoder may be used to serve both the DSC distress and safety frequency scanning receiver and the additional scanning receiver only if continuous watch for distress and safety calls can be maintained.

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