10.2 Personnel requiring training
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10.2 Personnel requiring training

  10.2.1 It is not the intention of this section to spell out in detail a syllabus for courses in the design, operation and maintenance of inert gas systems, but it is suggested that any syllabus should cover the same ground as that contained in these Guidelines.

  10.2.2 However, such practical training can be given only if those in charge of, and responsible for, the vessel's safety and performance are themselves completely familiar with the type of installation fitted, and the hazards associated with use. It is recommended that the training of both deck and engine-room personnel be co-ordinated to ensure a common understanding of the procedures.

  10.2.3 Administrations should make sure that the vessel is equipped with the necessary manufacturers' manuals and instructions to give the necessary information about how to carry out the various operations.

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