Annex 2 - Required Elements for an Initial Proposal
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - International Conventions - AFS - International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships, 2001 - Annex 2 - Required Elements for an Initial Proposal

Annex 2 - Required Elements for an Initial Proposal

  (1) An initial proposal shall include adequate documentation containing at least the following:

  • (a) identification of the anti-fouling system addressed in the proposal: name of the anti-fouling system; name of active ingredients and Chemical Abstract Services Registry Number (CAS number), as applicable; or components of the system which are suspected of causing the adverse effects of concern;

  • (b) characterization of the information which suggests that the anti-fouling system or its transformation products may pose a risk to human health or may cause adverse effects in non-target organisms at concentrations likely to be found in the environment (e.g., the results of toxicity studies on representative species or bioaccumulation data);

  • (c) material supporting the potential of the toxic components in the anti-fouling system, or its transformation products, to occur in the environment at concentrations which could result in adverse effects to non-target organisms, human health, or water quality (e.g., data on persistence in the water column, sediments and biota; the release rate of toxic components from treated surfaces in studies or under actual use conditions; or monitoring data, if available);

  • (d) an analysis of the association between the anti-fouling system, the related adverse effects and the environmental concentrations observed or anticipated; and

  • (e) a preliminary recommendation on the type of restrictions that could be effective in reducing the risks associated with the anti-fouling system.

  (2) An initial proposal shall be submitted in accordance with rules and procedures of the Organization.

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