Regulation 28 - Records of navigational activities and daily reporting
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Regulation 28 - Records of navigational activities and daily reporting

  1 All ships engaged on international voyages shall keep on board a record of navigational activities and incidents which are of importance to safety of navigation and which must contain sufficient detail to restore a complete record of the voyage, taking into account the recommendations adopted by the Organizationfootnote. When such information is not maintained in the ship's log-book, it shall be maintained in another form approved by the Administration.

  2 Each ship of 500 gross tonnage and above, engaged on international voyages exceeding 48 hours, shall submit a daily report to its company, as defined in regulation IX/1, which shall retain it and all subsequent daily reports for the duration of the voyage. Daily reports may be transmitted by any means, provided that they are transmitted to the company as soon as practicable after determination of the position named in the report. Automated reporting systems may be used, provided that they include a recording function of their transmission and that those functions and interfaces with position-fixing equipment are subjected to regular verification by the ship's master. The report shall contain the following:

  • .1 ship's position;

  • .2 ship's course and speed; and

  • .3 details of any external or internal conditions that are affecting the ship's voyage or the normal safe operation of the ship.

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