Annex Guidelines for the Standardization of Lifeboat Control Arrangements
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Circulars - Maritime Safety Committee - MSC.1/Circular.1419 Guidelines for the Standardization of Lifeboat Control Arrangements (13 June 2012) - Annex Guidelines for the Standardization of Lifeboat Control Arrangements

Annex Guidelines for the Standardization of Lifeboat Control Arrangements

  1 The release indicator, if fitted, should show red until the boat is waterborne, at which point the indicator turns green (in accordance with the amendments to the LSA Code adopted by resolution MSC.218(82)).

  2 A safety pin, which must be pulled prior to operation of the release control/lever/handle (herein referred to as release control), should be incorporated in the release control. This safety pin is in addition to any additional mechanical protection (interlock) provided to protect against accidental or premature on-load release.

  3 The release control should be located on the right hand side of the helmsman.

  4 The release control should be red in colour, and the area immediately surrounding the control should be a sharply contrasting light colour. No other control, handle or lever should be red.

  5 The release control is pulled, pushed, or rotated, etc., to open the hook. The control should operate in a logical manner and be prominently marked with an arrow to show direction of movement of the control which will cause the hook to open.

  6 The release control and its components should be clearly labelled to aid understanding and operation.

  7 The release control should have a shape, location and operation so that it cannot be easily confused with any other control.

  8 The engine control lever should be located on the left hand side of the helmsman.

  9 The control and steering station should be designed and laid out so that controls and displays are unambiguous, accessible, and easy to reach and use from the operator's normal seated position (recommended reference: Standard ASTM F 1166-07, sections 9 and 10).

  10 To avoid confusion, for release mechanisms where on-load release is accomplished by means of a release control at the helmsman station, only a single release control should be provided for both off-load and on-load release.

  11 These Guidelines are based on general design principles to allow for flexibility to accommodate a range of designs, and to foster innovation. In addition to the proposed marking requirements, it may be beneficial to develop a standard symbol as required labelling for the release control.

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