15.12 Toxic products
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15.12 Toxic products

  15.12.1 Exhaust openings of tank vent systems shall be located:

  • .1 at a height of B/3 or 6 m, whichever is greater, above the weather deck or, in the case of a deck tank, the access gangway;

  • .2 not less than 6 m above the fore-and-aft gangway, if fitted within 6 m of the gangway;

  • .3 15 m from any opening or air intake to any accommodation and service spaces; and

  • .4 the vent height may be reduced to 3 m above the deck or fore-and-aft gangway, as applicable, provided high-velocity vent valves of an approved type, directing the vapour/air mixture upwards in an unimpeded jet with an exit velocity of at least 30 m/s, are fitted.

  15.12.2 Tank venting systems shall be provided with a connection for a vapour-return line to the shore installation.

  15.12.3 Products shall:

  • .1 not be stowed adjacent to oil fuel tanks;

  • .2 have separate piping systems; and

  • .3 have tank vent systems separate from tanks containing non-toxic products.

  15.12.4 Cargo tank relief-valve settings shall be a minimum of 0.02 MPa gauge.

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