Annex 4B - Survey Planning Questionnaire
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Assembly - IMO Resolution A.744(18) Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections During Surveys for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (Adopted on 4 November 1993) - Annex A - Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections During Surveys for Bulk Carriers - Part A - Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections During Survey of Bulk Carriers Having Single-side Skin Construction - Annex 4B - Survey Planning Questionnaire

Annex 4B - Survey Planning Questionnaire

  1 The following information will enable the owner in co-operation with the Administration to develop a Survey Plan complying with the requirements of the Guidelines. It is essential that the owner provides, when completing the present questionnaire, up-to-date information. The present questionnaire, when completed, should provide all information and material required by the Guidelines.


Ship's name:
IMO number:
Flag State:
Port of registry:
Recognized organization:
Gross tonnage:
Deadweight (metric tonnes):
Date of delivery:

Information on access provision for close-up surveys and thickness measurement

  2 The owner should indicate, in the table below, the means of access to the structures subject to close-up survey and thickness measurement. A close-up survey is an examination where the details of structural components are within the close visual inspection range of the attending surveyor, i.e. preferably within reach of hand.

Hold/Tank No. Structure Temporary staging Rafts Ladders Direct access Other means
(please specify)
F.P. Fore Peak          
A.P. Aft Peak          
Cargo Holds Hatch side coamings          
Topside sloping plate          
Upper stool plating          
Cross deck          
Side shell, frames and brackets          
Transverse bulkhead          
Hopper tank platting          
Lower stool          
Tank top          
Topside Tanks Underdeck structure          
Side shell and structure          
Sloping plate and structure          
Webs and bulkheads          
Hopper Tanks Hopper sloping plate and structure          
Side shell and structure          
Bottom structure          
Webs and bulkheads          
  Double bottom structure          
  Upper stool internal structure          
  Lower stool internal structure          
Wing tanks of double Ore Carriers Underdeck and structure          
Side shell and structure          
Side shell vertical web and structure          
Longitudinal bulkhead and structure          
Longitudinal bulkhead web and structure          
Bottom plating and structure          
Cross ties/stringers          

History of bulk cargoes of a corrosive nature (e.g. high sulphur content)

Owner's inspections

  3 Using a format similar to that of the table below (which is given as an example), the owner should provide details of the results of their inspections, for the last 3 years - in accordance with the Guidelines - on all CARGO holds and BALLAST tanks and VOID spaces within the cargo area.

Tank/Hold No. Corrosion protection
Coating extent
Coating condition
Structural deterioration
Hold and tank history
Cargo holds          
Topside tanks          
Hopper tanks          
Double side skin tanks          
Double bottom tanks          
Upper stools          
Lower stools          
Wing tanks
(ore tankers)
Fore peak          
Aft peak          
Miscellaneous other spaces:          
1) HC=hard coating; SC=soft coating; A=anodes; NP=no protection Name of owner's representative:
2) U=upper part; M=middle part; L=lower part; C=complete  
3) G=good; F=fair; P=poor; RC=recoated (during the last 3 years) ....................................................................
4) N=no findings recorded; Y=findings recorded, description of findings should be attached to this questionnaire  
5) DR=Damage & Repair; L=Leakages; CV= Conversion (Description to be attached to this questionnaire) Signature: ..................................................
  Date: ..........................................................

Reports of Port State Control inspections

List the reports of Port State Control inspections containing hull structural related deficiencies, relevant information on rectification of the deficiencies:

Safety Management System

List non-conformities related to hull maintenance, including the associated corrective actions:

Name and address of the approved thickness measurement company:



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