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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Maritime Safety Committee - Resolution MSC.313(88) Amendments to the Guidelines for the Application of Plastic Pipes on Ships (Resolution A.753(18)) (Adopted on 26 November 2010) - The Maritime Safety Committee

The Maritime Safety Committee

 RECALLING Article 28(b) of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization concerning the functions of the Committee,

 RECALLING ALSO resolution MSC.61(67), by which it adopted the International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures (FTP Code) for the testing of new marine materials which are increasingly being introduced into the design and construction of ships and craft engaged in international maritime transport,

 RECALLING FURTHER resolution A.753(18), by which the Assembly, at its eighteenth session, adopted Guidelines for the application of plastic pipes on ships, to assist maritime Administrations to determine, in a rational and uniform manner, the permitted applications of such materials,

 NOTING that part 2 of the FTP Code makes reference to resolution A.753(18) for the testing of materials for smoke and toxic hazards,

 RECOGNIZING that the continual development of plastic materials for use on ships and improvement of marine safety standards since the adoption of resolution A.753(18) necessitated the revision of the provisions of the Guidelines for the application of plastic pipes on ships in order to take into account technological developments and maintain the highest practical level of safety,

 NOTING FURTHER that the Assembly requested the Committee to keep the Guidelines under review and amend them as necessary,

 HAVING CONSIDERED, at its eighty-eighth session, amendments to the Guidelines for the application of plastic pipes on ships, proposed by the Sub-Committee on Fire Protection at its fifty-fourth session,

  • 1. ADOPTS amendments to the Guidelines for the application of plastic pipes on ships (resolution A.753(18)), the text of which is set out in the Annex to the present resolution;

  • 2. INVITES Governments to apply the annexed amendments when considering the use of plastic piping on board ships flying the flag of their State.

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