Regulation 11 - Loading instrument
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Regulation 11 - Loading instrument

 (Unless provided otherwise, this regulation applies to bulk carriers regardless of their date of construction)

  1 Bulk carriers of 150 m in length and upwards shall be fitted with a loading instrument capable of providing information on hull girder shear forces and bending moments, taking into account the recommendation adopted by the Organization.footnote

  2 Bulk carriers of 150 m in length and upwards constructed before 1 July 1999 shall comply with the requirements of paragraph 1 not later than the date of the first intermediate or periodical survey of the ship to be carried out after 1 July 1999.

  3 Bulk carriers of less than 150 m in length constructed on or after 1 July 2006 shall be fitted with a loading instrument capable of providing information on the ship's stability in the intact condition. The computer software shall be approved for stability calculations by the Administration and shall be provided with standard conditions for testing purposes relating to the approved stability information.footnote

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