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Annex - Amendments to MARPOL Annex VI

 This document has been consolidated into MARPOL Annex VI

(ECAs and the required EEDI for ro-ro cargo ships and ro-ro passenger ships)

Regulation 13 - Nitrogen oxides (NOX)

1 In paragraph 5.3, the words "an emission control area designated under paragraph 6 of this regulation" are replaced with the words "a NOX Tier III emission control area".

Regulation 21 - Required EEDI

2 In table 2 (Parameters for determination of reference values for the different ship types) of paragraph 3, rows 2.34 and 2.35 for ro-ro cargo ships and ro-ro passenger ships are replaced by the following:

2.34 Ro-ro cargo ship 1405.15 DWT of the ship 0.498
1686.17footnote DWT of the ship where DWT≤17,000footnote

17,000 where DWT > 17,000footnote

2.35 Ro-ro passenger ship 752.16 DWT of the ship 0.381
902.59footnote DWT of the ship where DWT ≤10,000footnote

10,000 where DWT > 10,000footnote

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