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 The aim of this Code is to prescribe standards of construction, and emergency equipment for small commercial vessels operating in the Caribbean Region. The regulations are based on the United States Coast Guard Code of Federal Regulations 46 Sub-Chapter T (certification of small passenger vessels) which are regarded as equivalent to IMO Convention requirements for such vessels, Sub-Chapter C (Uninspected vessels) and The United Kingdom Code of Practice for the Safety of Small Workboats and Pilot Boats.

 It should be noted that requirements for small commercial vessels of 24 metres and over in length, on international voyages, or those under 24 metres in length which carry more than 150 passengers or provide overnight accommodation for more than 50 passengers, are given in the Code of Safety for Caribbean Cargo Ships and the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended, (SOLAS) for cargo and passenger ships respectively. Nevertheless, small commercial vessels of 24 metres and over in length engaged on voyages in national waters only, could be allowed to operate under the provisions of this Code by the Administration.

 Administrations that are party to SOLAS, who notify IMO that the Code has been determined to be equivalent to the provisions of SOLAS under regulation I/5, for passenger vessels of less than 24 metres in length on international voyages, can issue such vessels with a SOLAS Passenger Ship Safety Certificate along with a copy of the notification of equivalency to IMO.

 Model Training Courses for Boatmasters and Boat Engineers are available from the Office of the Regional Maritime Adviser (Caribbean). These courses provide a blueprint for the training of Boatmasters and Boat Engineers and seek to ensure that persons who operate small commercial vessels are competent to carry out their duties efficiently, Contact information is as follows:

Fax: 1-868-625-8666 Office of the Regional Maritime Adviser
2nd Floor, ANSA House
Corner Queen & Henry Streets
Trinidad. W.I
Telephone: 1-868-624-6159

This publication contains revisions up to May 2010.

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