Regulation 26 - Special Conditions of Assignment for Type 'A' Ships
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Regulation 26 - Special Conditions of Assignment for Type 'A' Ships

  Machinery Casings

  (1) Machinery casings on Type 'A' ships as defined in Regulation 27 shall be protected by an enclosed poop or bridge of at least standard height, or by a deckhouse of equal height and equivalent strength, provided that machinery casings may be exposed if there are no openings giving direct access from the freeboard deck to the machinery space. A door complying with the requirements of Regulation 12 may, however, be permitted in the machinery casing, provided that it leads to a space or passageway which is as strongly constructed as the casing and is separated from the stairway to the engine room by a second weathertight door of steel or other equivalent material.

  Gangway and Access

  (2) An efficiently constructed fore and aft permanent gangway of sufficient strength shall be fitted on Type 'A' ships at the level of the superstructure deck between the poop and the midship bridge or deckhouse where fitted, or equivalent means of access shall be provided to carry out the purpose of the gangway, such as passages below deck. Elsewhere, and on Type 'A' ships without a midship bridge, arrangements to the satisfaction of the Administration shall be provided to safeguard the crew in reaching all parts used in the necessary work of the ship.

  (3) Safe and satisfactory access from the gangway level shall be available between separate crew accommodations and also between crew accommodations and the machinery space.


  (4) Exposed hatchways on the freeboard and forecastle decks or on the tops of expansion trunks on Type 'A' ships shall be provided with efficient watertight covers of steel or other equivalent material.

  Freeing Arrangements

  (5) Type 'A' ships with bulwarks shall have open rails fitted for at least half the length of the exposed parts of the weather deck or other effective freeing arrangements. The upper edge of the sheer strake shall be kept as low as practicable.

  (6) Where superstructures are connected by trunks, open rails shall be fitted for the whole length of the exposed parts of the freeboard deck.

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