Chapter 12 - Pollution Prevention Requirements
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Chapter 12 - Pollution Prevention Requirements

 To ensure control of pollution from noxious liquid substances from OSVs.

12.1 Each vessel certified to carry noxious liquid substances should be provided with a Cargo Record Book, a Procedure and Arrangements Manual and a Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan developed for the vessel in accordance with MARPOL Annex II and approved by the Administration.

12.2 Discharge into the sea of residues of noxious liquid substances permitted for carriage under the present Code, tank washings, or other residues or mixtures containing such substances, is prohibited. Any discharges of residues and mixtures containing noxious liquid substances should be to port reception facilities. As a consequence of this prohibition, there are no requirements for efficient stripping and underwater discharge arrangements in MARPOL Annex II.

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