3 Programme Application Requirements
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Marine Environment Protection Committee - Resolution MEPC.140(54) Guidelines for Approval and Oversight of Prototype Ballast Water Treatment Technology Programmes (G10) (Adopted on 24 March 2006) - Annex Guidelines for Approval and Oversight of Prototype Ballast Water Treatment Technology Programmes (G10) - 3 Programme Application Requirements

3 Programme Application Requirements

  3.1 This section provides the detailed elements and documentation that should be included in a Programme and Programme Application as defined in section 1.7.1. The Programme Application should contain information on the following aspects:

  • .1 participants

  • .2 ballast water treatment technology description

  • .3 ship description

  • .4 installation and installation survey description

  • .5 performance test and evaluation description

  • .6 time schedule and reporting

  3.2 All relevant and requested documentation describing the Programme for which the applicant is applying for approval should be submitted to the Administration. The application should only encompass one prototype ballast water treatment technology and should not normally result in installations in more than three ships. Prototype installations onboard more than one ship should be justified in the application and may rest upon technology development requirements related to, for example:

  • capacity issues;

  • geographical areas of operation;

  • specific onboard conditions varying as a function of ship type; and

  • refit to existing vessels versus installations onboard new vessels.

  3.3 The Programme Application should also take into account safety and environmental regulations which have to be met by the ship so as to ensure that other international and/or national requirements are not compromised by the prototype ballast water treatment technology.

  3.4 The Programme should implement appropriate quality control measures in accordance with recognized international standards to which all participants specified in Section 3.5 should be required to comply.

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