Annex 2A
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Annex 2A

(SCV Code III/Part B/5.1)
1 Sheet
The Format of the stability booklet and the information included will vary dependent on the vessel type and operation. Units of measure used in the stability booklet must agree with the units of measure of the draft markings.
In developing the stability booklet, consideration must be given to the following information:
  .1 A general description of the vessel, including lightweight data.
  .2 Instructions on the use of the booklet.
  .3 General arrangement plans showing watertight compartments, closures, vents, downflooding angles, and allowable deck loadings.
  .4 Hydrostatic curves or tables.
  .5 Capacity plan showing capacities and vertical, longitudinal centers of gravity of stowage spaces and tanks.
  .6 Tank sounding tables showing capacities, vertical centers of gravity in graduated intervals and showing free surface data for each tank.
  .7 Information on loading restrictions, such as a maximum KG of minimum GM curve that can be used to determine compliance with applicable intact and damage stability criteria.
  .8 Examples of loading conditions.
  .9 A rapid and simple means for evaluating other loading conditions.
  .10 A brief description of the stability calculations done including assumptions.
  .11 General precautions for preventing unintentional flooding.
  .12 A table of contents and index for the booklet.
  .13 Each ship condition which, if damage occurs, may require cross-flooding for survival and information concerning the use of any special cross-flooding fittings.
  .14 The mount and location of fixed ballast.
  .15 Any other necessary guidance for the safe operation of the vessel under normal and emergency conditions.
  .16 For each self propelled hopper dredge with a working freeboard, the maximum specific gravity allowed for dredge spoil.

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