2 Competent pilotage authority
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Assembly - IMO Resolution A.960(23) – Recommendations on Training and Certification and on Operational Procedures for Maritime Pilots other than Deep-Sea Pilots - (Adopted on 5 December 2003) - Annex 1 - Recommendation on Training and Certification of Maritime Pilots other than Deep-Sea Pilots - 2 Competent pilotage authority

2 Competent pilotage authority

  2.1 Competent pilotage authority means either the national or regional Governments or local groups or organizations that by law or tradition, administer or provide a pilotage system. Governments should inform competent pilotage authorities of the provisions of this document and encourage their implementation.

  2.2 The assessment of the experience, qualifications and suitability of an applicant for certification or licensing, as a pilot, is the responsibility of each competent pilotage authority.

  2.3 The competent pilotage authority in co-operation with the national and local pilots’ associations should:

  • .1 establish the entry requirements and develop the standards for obtaining a certificate or licence in order to perform pilotage services within the area under its jurisdiction;

  • .2 enforce the maintenance of developed standards;

  • .3 specify whatever prerequisites, experience or examinations are necessary to ensure that applicants for certification or licensing as pilots are properly trained and qualified; and

  • .4 arrange that reports on investigations of incidents involving pilotage are taken into account in maritime pilots’ training programmes.

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