5. Qualification of Personnel
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5. Qualification of Personnel

  5.1 The training requirements of ships' personnel engaged in the crude oil washing of tankers shall be to the satisfaction of the Administration.

  5.2 Where a person such as the master, the chief officer or the cargo control officer assumes overall charge of a crude oil wash he shall:

  • (a) Have at least one year's experience on oil tankers where his duties have included the discharge of cargo and associated crude washing. Where his duties have not included crude oil washing operations, he shall have completed a training programme in crude oil washing in accordance with Appendix II to these Specifications and satisfactory to the Administration;

  • (b) Have participated at least twice in crude oil wash programmes one of which shall be on the particular ship for which he is required to undertake the responsibility of cargo discharge. Alternatively, this latter participation may be acceptable if undertaken on a ship that is similar in all relevant respects; and

  • (c) Be fully knowledgeable of the contents of the Operations and Equipment Manual.

  5.3 Where other nominated persons are intended to have particular responsibilities as defined in the Operations and Equipment Manual, they shall have at least 6 months' experience on oil tankers where, in the course of their duties, they should have been involved in the cargo discharge operation. In addition, they should have been instructed in the crude oil washing operation in the particular ship for which they are required to undertake this responsibility and be fully knowledgeable of the contents of the Operations and Equipment Manual. Appendix II to these Specifications should be used as guidance in establishing the content of such instruction.

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