Regulation 10 - Information to be supplied to the master
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Regulation 10 - Information to be supplied to the master

  (1) The master of every new ship shall be supplied with information to arrange for the loading and ballasting of his ship in such a way as to avoid the creation of any unacceptable stresses in the ship’s structure, provided that this requirement need not apply to any particular length, design or class of ship where the Administration considers it to be unnecessary.

  (2) Information shall be provided to the master in a form that is approved by the Administration or a recognised organization. Stability information, and loading information also related to ship strength when required under paragraph (1), shall be carried on board at all times together with evidence that the information has been approved by the Administration.

  (3) A ship which is not required under the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea in force to undergo an inclining test upon its completion shall:

  • (a) be so inclined and the actual displacement and position of the centre of gravity shall be determined for the lightship condition;

  • (b) if the Administration so approves, have its inclining test on completion dispensed with, provided basic stability data are available from the inclining test of a sister ship and it is shown to the satisfaction of the Administration that reliable stability information for the ship can be obtained from such basic data;

  • (c) if the Administration decides that the performance of an inclining experiment is not practicable or safe or yields inaccurate results due to the specific proportions, arrangements, strength or hull form of a ship, have the ship's lightship characteristics determined by a detailed weight estimate confirmed by a lightweight survey;

  • (d) have such informationfootnote supplied for the use of its master as is necessary to enable the master, by rapid and simple processes, to obtain accurate guidance as to the stability of the ship under all conditions likely to be encountered in normal service; and

  • (e) carry on board at all times its approved stability information together with evidence that the information has been approved by the Administration.

  (4) Where any alterations are made to a ship so as to materially affect the loading or stability information supplied to the master, amended information shall be provided. If necessary the ship shall be re-inclined.

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