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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Marine Environment Protection Committee - Resolution MEPC.140(54) Guidelines for Approval and Oversight of Prototype Ballast Water Treatment Technology Programmes (G10) (Adopted on 24 March 2006) - Annex Guidelines for Approval and Oversight of Prototype Ballast Water Treatment Technology Programmes (G10) - 1 Introduction - General


  1.1 These Guidelines provide recommendations for Administrations on the approval and oversight of programmes for prototype ballast water treatment technologies in accordance with regulation D-4 of the "International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004" (the Convention). The intention of regulation D-4 is to provide opportunities to test and evaluate promising ballast water treatment technologies aboard ships with the potential to meet or exceed the performance standards in regulation D-2 of the Convention. The document may also assist manufacturers, ship owners and other stakeholders undertaking development activities in the area of ballast water treatment. The Guidelines also make recommendations on criteria for approval of such programmes. Recommendations outlined in these Guidelines should be applied in an objective, consistent and transparent way and their application should be evaluated periodically by the Organization.

  1.2 Regulations referred to in these Guidelines are those contained in the Convention.

  1.3 The Guidelines include general recommendations on design and construction, technical procedures for overall performance testing and evaluation, procedures for the issuance of a Statement of Compliance in accordance with regulation D-4 and Administration oversight responsibilities.

  1.4 As the level of ballast water management knowledge, experience and subsequently technological achievements continue to develop, these Guidelines may require updating. Periodical review of their content in light of such developments should be carried out and any revisions duly circulated by the Organization.

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