The Maritime Safety Committee,
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Maritime Safety Committee - Resolution MSC.347(91) Recommendation for the Protection of the AIS VHF Data Link (Adopted on 30 November 2012) - The Maritime Safety Committee,

The Maritime Safety Committee,

 RECALLING Article 28(b) of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization concerning the functions of the Committee,

 RECALLING ALSO resolution A.886(21), by which the Assembly resolved that the functions of adopting performance standards and technical specifications for radio and navigational equipment, as well as amendments thereto, shall be performed by the Maritime Safety Committee on behalf of the Organization,

 RECALLING FURTHER resolution MSC.74(69), annex 3: Recommendation on Performance Standards for Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS),

 REALIZING the application of AIS devices to safety of navigation as well as security,

 NOTING that the International Telecommunication Union Sector for Radiocommunications (ITU-R) recognizes a Class A category of AIS which meets the requirements of resolution MSC.74(69), as well as a Class B and other categories of AIS which do not meet the requirements of resolution MSC.74(69), annex 3,

 NOTING ALSO that Class A devices are intended to meet the requirements for compulsory AIS fitting under the 1974 SOLAS Convention, and that Class B devices are intended to meet the needs of ships which fit AIS on a voluntary basis,

 NOTING FURTHER the benefit of Class B and other AIS devices,

 RECOGNIZING that the radio channels used by AIS, particularly AIS 1 (161.975 MHz) and AIS 2 (162.025 MHz), are regarded as an AIS network, and that any disruption to those channels by any one AIS device could affect the operation of all AIS devices on that network,

 RECOGNIZING FURTHER the compelling need to ensure the integrity of the AIS VHF data link,

  1 RECOMMENDS that:

  • 1 any device which transmits on the radio channels allocated for AIS, should meet the appropriate requirements of Recommendation ITU-R M.1371;

  • 2 all such transmitting devices should be approved by the Administration; and

  • 3 Administrations should take the steps necessary to ensure the integrity of the radio channels used for AIS in their waters.

  2 REVOKES resolution MSC.140(76).

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