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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Assembly - IMO Resolution A.1116(30) Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings (Adopted on 5 December 2017) - Annex 1 - Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings

Annex footnote - Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings

 IMPORTANT The colours represented in this annex can be neither viewed on screen nor printed as true representations. Although the signs and symbols in this annex have been reproduced to correspond (with an acceptable tolerance as judged by the naked eye) to the requirements of standard ISO 3864-4, it is not intended that the signs and symbols shown in this annex be used for colour matching.

For a definitive version of all safety symbols in this annex, please consult standard ISO 7010 and the ISO Online Browsing Platform ( For a definitive version of all fire control symbols in this annex, please consult standard ISO 17631. These are the source documents from which to create safety and fire control plans signs.

1 Normative references

The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this document and are indispensable for its application. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.

ISO 3864 (all parts), Graphical symbols Safety colours and safety signs

ISO 7010, Graphical symbols Safety colours and safety signs Registered safety signs

ISO 17631, Ships and marine technology Shipboard plans for fire protection, life-saving appliances and means of escape

ISO 17724, Graphical symbols Vocabulary

ISO 24409-1, Ships and marine technology Design, location, and use of shipboard safety signs, safety-related signs, safety notices and safety markings Part 1: Design principles

2 Terms and definitions

For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in standards ISO 17724, ISO 24409-1, and the following apply.

2.1 Fire control signs

Signs for specialists, used to identify and locate fire control equipment, not designed according the rules for safety signs.

Note 1 to entry: These signs are related to the symbols in standard ISO 17631; see 3.1 h) below.

2.2 Image content

Written description of the elements of a graphical symbol or safety sign and their relative disposition.

[ISO 17724:2003, 38]

2.3 Referent

Idea or object that a graphical symbol is intended to represent.

[ISO 17724: 2003, 61]

2.4 Safety sign

Sign giving a general safety message, obtained by a combination of a colour and geometric shape and which, by the addition of a graphical symbol, gives a particular safety message.

3 Categorization of shipboard signs

3.1 Signs in this standard are categorized according to their function as follows:

  • a) MES means of escape signs which provide escape route identification.

  • b) EES emergency equipment signs which provide use and location of first aid facilities and portable safety equipment.

  • c) LSS life-saving systems and appliances signs which provide use and location of life-saving systems and appliances.

  • d) FES fire-fighting equipment signs which provide use and location of fire-fighting equipment.

  • e) PSS prohibition signs which provide prohibited actions.

  • f) WSS hazard warning signs which provide identification of hazards to avoid.

  • g) MSS mandatory action signs which provide mandatory notices and instructions.

  • NOTE The PSS, WSS and MSS categories are based on the P, W and M categories of standard ISO 7010.

  • h) SIS safety and operating instructions for trained personnel.

3.2 Table 1 summarizes the standardized shipboard safety signs used in workplaces and public areas in terms of functional category, referent number, referent, graphical symbol as well as geometric shape and colour.

Table 1 Summary of safety signs for shipboard use

Means of Escape Signs Emergency Equipment Signs Lifesaving Signs Fire-fighting Equipment Signs Prohibition Signs Warning Signs Mandatory Signs
MES001 EES001 LSS001 FES001 PSS001 WSS001 MSS001
(ISO 7010- E032) (ISO 7010- E003) (ISO 7010- E036) (ISO 7010- F001) (ISO 7010- P001) (ISO 7010- W001) (ISO 7010- M001)
Shipboard assembly station First Aid Lifeboat Fire extinguisher General prohibition General warning General Mandatory action
MES002 EES002 LSS002 FES002 PSS002 WSS002 MSS002
(ISO 7010- E001) (ISO 7010- E004) (ISO 7010- E037) (ISO 7010- F002) (ISO 7010- P002) (ISO 7010- W002) (ISO 7010- M002)
Emergency exit (left hand) Emergency telephone Rescue boat Fire hose reel No smoking Warning: Explosive material Refer to instruction manual or booklet
MES003 EES003 LSS003 FES003 PSS003 WSS003 MSS003
(ISO 7010- E002) (ISO 7010- E011) (ISO 7010- E038) (ISO 7010- F004) (ISO 7010- P003) (ISO 7010- W003) (ISO 7010- M003)
Emergency exit (right hand) Eyewash station Liferaft Collection of firefighting equipment No open flame; fire, open ignition source and smoking prohibited Warning: Radioactive material or ionizing radiation Wear ear protection
MES004 EES004 LSS004 FES004 PSS004 WSS004 MSS004
(ISO 7010- E033) (ISO 7010- E012) (ISO 7010- E039) (ISO 7010- F005) (ISO 7010- P004) (ISO 7010- W004) (ISO 7010- M004)
Door slides right to open Safety shower Davit-launched liferaft Fire alarm call point No thoroughfare Warning: Laser beam Wear eye protection
MES005 EES005 LSS005 FES005 PSS005 WSS005 MSS005
(ISO 7010- E034) (ISO 7010- E013) (ISO 7010- E040) (ISO 7010- F008) (ISO 7010- P005) (ISO 7010- W005) (ISO 7010- M005)
Door slides left to open Stretcher Lifebuoy Fixed fire extinguishing battery Not drinking water Warning: Non-ionizing radiation Connect an earth terminal to the ground
MES 006 EES006 LSS006 FES006 PSS006 WSS006 MSS006
(ISO 7010- E018) (ISO 7010- E027) (ISO 7010- E041) (ISO 7010- F009) (ISO 7010- P006) (ISO 7010- W006) (ISO 7010- M006)
Turn anti-clockwise to open Medical grab bag Lifebuoy with line Wheeled fire extinguisher No access for fork lift trucks and other industrial vehicles Warning: Magnetic field Disconnect mains plug from electrical outlet
MES007 EES007 LSS007 FES007 PSS007 WSS007 MSS007
(ISO 7010- E019) (ISO 7010- E028) (ISO 7010- E042) (ISO 7010- F010) (ISO 7010- P007) (ISO 7010- W007) (ISO 7010- M007)
Turn clockwise to open Oxygen resuscitator Lifebuoy with light Portable foam applicator unit No access for people with active implanted cardiac devices Warning: Floor level obstacle Opaque eye protection must be worn
MES008 EES008 LSS008 FES008 PSS008 WSS008 MSS008
(ISO 7010- E057) (ISO 7010- E029) (ISO 7010- E043) (ISO 7010- F011) (ISO 7010- P008) (ISO 7010- W008) (ISO 7010- M008)
Door opens by pulling on left-hand side Emergency escape breathing device Lifebuoy with line & light Water fog applicator No metallic articles or watches Warning: Drop (fall) Wear safety footwear
MES009 EES009   FES009 PSS009 WSS009 MSS009
(ISO 7010- E058) (ISO 7010- E009) LSS008.1 (ISO 7010- F012) (ISO 7010- P010) (ISO 7010- W009) (ISO 7010- M009)
Door opens by pulling on the righthand side Doctor Lifebuoy with light and smoke Fixed fire extinguishing installation Do not touch Warning: Biological hazard Wear protective gloves
MES 010 EES010 LSS009 FES010 PSS010 WSS010 MSS010
(ISO 7010- E023) (ISO 7010- E010) (ISO 7010- E044) (ISO 7010- F013) (ISO 7010- P011) (ISO 7010- W010) (ISO 7010- M010)
Push door on the righthand side to open Automated external heart defibrillator Lifejacket Fixed fire extinguishing bottle Do not extinguish with water Warning: Low temperature Wear protective clothing
MES 011 EES011 LSS010 FES011 PSS011 WSS011 MSS011
(ISO 7010- E022) Safety Equipment (ISO 7010- E045) (ISO 7010- F014) (ISO 7010- P013) (ISO 7010- W011) (ISO 7010- M011)
Push door on the lefthand side to open   Child's lifejacket Remote release station No activated mobile phones Warning: Slippery surface Wash your hands
  EES012 LSS011 FES012 PSS012 WSS012 MSS012
  (ISO 7010- E031) (ISO 7010- E046) (ISO 7010- F015) (ISO 7010- P014) (ISO 7010- W012) (ISO 7010- M012)
  Shipboard general alarm Infant's lifejacket Fire monitor No access for people with metallic implants Warning: Electricity Use handrail
  EES013 LSS012   PSS013 WSS013 MSS013
  (ISO 7010- E008) (ISO 7010- E047)   (ISO 7010- P015) (ISO 7010- W013) (ISO 7010- M013)
  Break to obtain access Search and rescue transponder   No reaching in Warning: Guard dog Wear a face shield
    LSS013   PSS014 WSS014 MSS014
    (ISO 7010- E048)   (ISO 7010- P017) (ISO 7010- W014) (ISO 7010- M014)
    Survival craft distress signal   No pushing Warning: Forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles Wear head protection
    LSS014   PSS015 WSS015 MSS015
    (ISO 7010- E049)   (ISO 7010- P018) (ISO 7010- W015) (ISO 7010- M015)
    Rocket parachute flare   No sitting Warning: Overhead load Wear high visibility clothing
    LSS015   PSS016 WSS016 MSS016
    (ISO 7010- E050)   (ISO 7010- P019) (ISO 7010- W016) (ISO 7010- M016)
    Linethrowing appliance   No stepping on surface Warning: Toxic material Wear a mask
    LSS016   PSS017 WSS017 MSS017
    (ISO 7010- E051)   (ISO 7010- P020) (ISO 7010- W017) (ISO 7010- M017)
    Two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus   Do not use lift in the event of fire Warning: Hot surface Wear respiratory protection
    LSS017   PSS018 WSS018 MSS018
    (ISO 7010- E052)   (ISO 7010- P021) (ISO 7010- W018) (ISO 7010- M018)
    Emergency position indicating radio beacon   No dogs Warning: Automatic start-up Wear a safety harness
    LSS018   PSS019 WSS019 MSS019
    (ISO 7010- E053)   (ISO 7010- P022) (ISO 7010- W019) (ISO 7010- M019)
    Embarkation ladder   No eating or drinking Warning: Crushing Wear a welding mask
    LSS019   PSS020 WSS020  
    (ISO 7010- E054)   (ISO 7010- P023) (ISO 7010- W020)  
    Marine evacuation slide   Do not obstruct Warning: Overhead obstacle  
    LSS020   PSS021    
    (ISO 7010- E055)   (ISO 7010- P024)    
    Marine evacuation chute   Do not walk or stand here    
    LSS021     WSS021  
    (ISO 7010- E056)     (ISO 7010- W021)  
    Survival clothing     Warning: Flammable material  
    LSS022     WSS022  
    (ISO 7010- E035)     (ISO 7010- W022)  
    Liferaft Knife     Warning: Sharp element  

3.3 Signs in table 2 may be displayed together to form a sequence of critical mandatory actions to safely launch a lifeboat, rescue boat, or liferaft.

Table 2 Summary of mandatory action signs for launching lifesaving equipment

MSS022 MSS023 MSS024 MSS025 MSS026
(ISO 7010-M020) (ISO 7010-M037) (ISO 7010-M038) (ISO 7010-M039) (ISO 7010- M040)
Fasten safety belts Close and secure hatches in launch sequence Start engine in launch sequence Lower lifeboat to the water in launch sequence Lower liferaft to the water in launch sequence
MSS027 MSS028 MSS029 MSS030 MSS031
(ISO 7010- M041) (ISO 7010- M042) (ISO 7010- M043) (ISO 7010- M044) (ISO 7010- M045)
Lower rescue boat to the water in launch sequence Release falls in launch sequence Start water spray in launch sequence Start air supply in launch sequence Release lifeboat gripes in launch sequence

3.4 Table 3 summarizes the SIS catalogue primarily adapted from resolution A.952(23) and standard ISO 17631 with the exception of the SIS signs listed in paragraph 3.1. Table 3 summarizes the standardized shipboard fire control plan signs used in workplaces and public areas to assist trained persons in the operation and management of shipboard fire control systems. The standardized symbols used in these signs are in accordance with the symbols found in the standard ISO 17631.

Table 3 Summary of shipboard fire control plan signs (SIS) for shipboard use

SIS001 SIS009 SIS017 SIS025 SIS033 SIS041 SIS049
Fire control plan Remote control for fire doors Closing device for ventilation inlet or outlet (machinery spaces) Emergency fire pump International shore connection Inert gas installation Emergency source of electrical power (battery)
SIS002 SIS010 SIS018 SIS026 SIS034 SIS042 SIS050
Safety plan Fire damper (accommodation and service spaces) Closing device for ventilation inlet or outlet (cargo spaces) Fuel pump(s) remote shut-off Fire hydrant Space or group of spaces protected by a water fire-extinguishing system Emergency switchboard
SIS003 SIS011 SIS019 SIS027 SIS035 SIS043 SIS051
Fire and safety plan Fire damper (machinery spaces) Remote control for closing device for ventilation inlet and outlet (accommodation and service space) Lube oil pump(s) remote shut-off Fire main section valve Space or group of spaces protected by a foam fire-extinguishing system Air compressor for breathing devices
SIS004 SIS012 SIS020 SIS028 SIS036 SIS044 SIS052
Ventilation remote control or shut-off (accommodation and service spaces) Fire damper (cargo spaces) Remote control for closing device for ventilation inlet and outlet (machinery spaces) Remote control for bilge pump(s) Sprinklersection valve Space or group of spaces protected by a gas other than CO2 fire-extinguishing system Control panel for fire detection and alarm system
SIS005 SIS013 SIS021 SIS029 SIS037 SIS045  
Ventilation remote control or shut-off (machinery spaces) Remote control for fire damper (accommodation and service spaces) Remote control for closing device for ventilation inlet and outlet (cargo spaces) Remote control for emergency bilge pump Powder-section valve Space or group of spaces protected by a powder fire-extinguishing system  
SIS006 SIS014 SIS022 SIS030 SIS038 SIS046  
Ventilation remote control or shut-off (cargo spaces) Remote control for fire damper (machinery spaces) Remote control for fire pump(s) Remote control for fuel oil valves Foam-section valve Space or group of spaces protected by a CO2 fire-extinguishing system  
SIS007 SIS015 SIS023 SIS031 SIS039 SIS047  
Remote control for skylight Remote control for fire damper (cargo spaces) Fire pump(s) Remote control for lube oil valves High expansion foam supply trunk (outlet) Space or group of spaces protected by a sprinkler or high-pressure water fire-extinguishing system  
SIS008 SIS016 SIS024 SIS032 SIS040 SIS048  
Remote control for watertight doors Closing device for ventilation inlet or outlet (accommodation and service spaces) Remote control for emergency fire pump or fire pump supplied by the emergency source of power Remote control for fire pump valves Water spray system valves Emergency source of electrical power (generator)  

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