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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Assembly - IMO Resolution A.654(16) Graphical Symbols for Fire Control Plans (Adopted on 19 October 1989) - Annex - Symbols1 for Use in Accordance with Regulation II-2/20 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as Amended

Annex - Symbols footnote for Use in Accordance with Regulation II-2/20 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as Amended

fire control plan   sprinkler section valve
push-button/switch for fire alarm   CO2 battery
horn fire alarm   space protected by CO2
bell fire alarm   CO2 horn
manually operated call point   CO2 release station
space protected by automatic fire alarm   halon 1301 battery
fire alarm panel   space protected by halon 1301
sprinkler installation   halon horn
space protected by sprinkler   halon release station
sprinkler horn   halon 1301 bottles placed in protected area
powder installation   hose box with spray/jet fire nozzle
powder monitor (gun)   international shore connection
powder hose and handgun   fire pump
powder release station   emergency fire pump
foam installation   remote controlled fire pumps or emergency switches
foam monitor (gun)   bilge pump
foam nozzle   emergency bilge pump
space protected by foam   water monitor (gun)
foam valve   water fog applicator
foam release station   drenching installation
fire main with fire valves   space protected by drenching system
section valves drenching system   A class division
portable fire extinguishers
wheeled fire extinguishers   B class division
fire damper in vent duct   remote controlled skylights
fire station   remote controlled fuel/ lubricating oil valves
locker with fireman's outfit   control station
locker with additional breathing apparatus   portable foam applicator
locker with additional protective clothing   inert gas installation
primary means of escape   high expansion foam supply trunk
secondary means of escape   C02/nitrogen bulk installation
emergency generator   emergency switchboard
A class fire door   remote ventilation shut off
A class fire door   main vertical zone
A class fire door self-closing   smoke detector
A class fire door self-closing   heat detector
B class fire door   gas detector
B class fire door   flame detector
B class fire door self-closing   emergency telephone station
B class fire door self-closing   fire axe
closing appliance for exterior ventilation inlet or outlet      

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