Article II Definitions
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Article II Definitions

 For the purpose of the Convention, unless expressly provided otherwise:

  • (a) Party means a State for which the Convention has entered into force;

  • (b) Administration means the Government of the Party whose flag the ship is entitled to fly;

  • (c) Certificate means a valid document, by whatever name it may be known, issued by or under the authority of the Administration or recognized by the Administration authorizing the holder to serve as stated in this document or as authorized by national regulations;

  • (d) Certificated means properly holding a certificate;

  • (e) Organization means the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO);footnote

  • (f) Secretary-General means the Secretary-General of the Organization;

  • (g) Seagoing ship means a ship other than those which navigate exclusively in inland waters or in waters within, or closely adjacent to, sheltered waters or areas where port regulations apply;

  • (h) Fishing vessel means a vessel used for catching fish, whales, seals, walrus or other living resources of the sea;

  • (i) Radio Regulations means the Radio Regulations annexed to, or regarded as being annexed to, the most recent International Telecommunication Convention which may be in force at any time.

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