9 List of References
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9 List of References

 The following ISO and IEC standards are referred to in this Code. Wherever a reference is made to ISO or IEC standards, the year of publication shall be understood as specified below:

  • .1 ISO 834-1: 1999, Fire resistance tests Elements of building construction - Part 1: General requirements;

  • .2 ISO 1182: 2010, Reaction to fire tests for building and transport products - Non-combustibility test;

  • .3 ISO 1716: 2010, Reaction to fire tests for building products - Determination of the heat of combustion;

  • .4 ISO 5658-2: 2006, Reaction to fire tests Spread of Flame Part 2: Lateral spread on building and transport products in vertical configuration;

  • .5 ISO 5659-2: 2006, Plastics, Smoke generation Part 2: Determination of optical density by a single chamber test;

  • .6 ISO 5660-1: 2002, Reaction-to-fire tests - Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate Part 1: Heat release rate (cone calorimeter method);

  • .7 ISO 5660-2: 2002, Reaction-to-fire tests - Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate Part 2: Smoke production rate (dynamic measurement);

  • .8 ISO 9705: 1993, Fire tests - Full-scale room test for surface products;

  • .9 ISO 13943: 2008, Fire safety Vocabulary;

  • .10 ISO 14934-3: 2006, Fire tests Calibration and use of heat flux meters Part 3: Secondary calibration method;

  • .11 ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories;

  • .12 ISO 19702: 2006, Toxicity testing of fire effluents - Guidance for analysis of gases and vapours in fire effluents using FTIR gas analysis;

  • .13 ISO 291: 2005; Plastics Standard atmosphere for conditioning and testing;

  • .14 ISO 554: 1976; Standard atmosphere for conditioning and/or testing Specifications;

  • .15 ISO 14697: 2007; Reaction to fire test Guidance on the choice of substrates for building and transport products; and

  • .16 IEC 60584-1: 1995, Thermocouples Part 1: reference tables.

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