Regulation 2 - General emergency alarm system, muster list and emergency instructions
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - International Conventions - SFV - International Convention for the Safety of Fishing Vessels (The Torremolinos Convention)Regulations for the Construction and Equipment of Fishing Vessels - Chapter VIII - Emergency Procedures, Musters and Drills - Regulation 2 - General emergency alarm system, muster list and emergency instructions

Regulation 2 - General emergency alarm system, muster list and emergency instructions

  (1) The general emergency alarm system shall be capable of sounding the general signal consisting of seven or more short blasts followed by one long blast one he vessel's whistle or siren and additionally on an electrically operated bell or klaxon or other equivalent warning system which shall be powered from the vessel's main supply and the emergency source of electrical power required by regulation IV/17.

  (2) All vessels shall be provided with clear instructions for each crew member which shall be followed in case of emergency.

  (3) The muster list shall be posted up in several parts of the vessel and, in particular, in the wheelhouse, the engine room and in the crew accommodation and shall include the information specified in the following paragraphs.

  (4) The muster list shall specify details of the general alarm signal prescribed by paragraph (1) and also the action to be taken by the crew when this alarm is sounded. The muster list shall also specify how the order to abandon ship will be given.

  (5) The muster list shall show the duties assigned to the different members of the crew including:

  • (a) closing of watertight doors, fire doors, valves, scuppers, overboard shoots, sidescuttles, skylights, portholes and other similar openings in the vessel;

  • (b) equipping the survival craft and other life-saving appliances;

  • (c) preparation and launching of survival craft;

  • (d) general preparation of other life-saving appliances;

  • (e) use of communication equipment; and

  • (f) manning of fire parties assigned to deal with fires.

  (6) In vessel of less than 45 m in length the Administration may permit relaxation of the requirements of paragraph (5) if satisfied that, due to the small number of crew members, no muster list is necessary.

  (7) The muster list shall specify which officers are assigned to ensure that the life-saving and fire appliances are maintained in good condition and are ready for immediate use.

  (8) The muster list shall specify substitutes for key persons who may become disabled, taking into account that different emergencies may call for different actions.

  (9) The muster list shall be prepared before the vessel proceeds to sea. After the muster list has been prepared, if any change takes place in the crew which necessitates an alteration in the muster list, the skipper shall either revise the list or prepare a new list.

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