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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Circulars - Maritime Safety Committee - MSC.1/Circular.1310 Revised Joint IMO/IHO/WMO Manual on Maritime Safety Information (MSI) (8 June 2009) - Annex - 3 Coordinator Resources and Responsibilities - 3.2 NAVAREA coordinator responsibilities

3.2 NAVAREA coordinator responsibilities

  3.2.1 The NAVAREA coordinator must:

  • .1 endeavour to be informed of all events that could significantly affect the safety of navigation within the NAVAREA;

  • .2 assess all information immediately upon receipt in the light of expert knowledge for relevance to navigation in the NAVAREA;

  • .3 select information for broadcast in accordance with the guidance given in paragraph 4.2;

  • .4 draft NAVAREA warnings in accordance with the Joint IMO/IHO/WMO Manual on Maritime Safety Information;

  • .5 direct and control the broadcast of NAVAREA warnings, in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended;

  • .6 forward NAVAREA warnings and relevant associated information which may require wider promulgation directly to adjacent NAVAREA coordinators and/or others as appropriate, using the quickest possible means;

  • .7 ensure that NAVAREA warnings which may remain in force for more than six weeks are made available immediately to NAVAREA coordinators, other authorities and mariners in general, as appropriate;

  • .8 ensure that information concerning all navigational warning subject areas listed in paragraph 4.2.2 that may not require a NAVAREA warning within their own NAVAREA is forwarded immediately to the appropriate National and NAVAREA coordinators affected by the event;

  • .9 broadcast in-force bulletins not less than once per week at a regularly scheduled time;

  • .10 promulgate the cancellation of NAVAREA warnings which are no longer valid;

  • .11 act as the central point of contact on matters relating to navigational warnings within the NAVAREA;

  • .12 promote and oversee the use of established international standards and practices with respect to the promulgation of navigational warnings throughout the NAVAREA;

  • .13 when notified by the authority designated to act on reports of piracy and armed robbery against ships, arrange for the broadcast of a suitable NAVAREA warning. Additionally, keep the national or regional piracy control centre informed of long-term broadcast action(s);

  • .14 when notified by the appropriate authorities, arrange for the broadcast of suitable NAVAREA warnings to promulgate World Health Organization (WHO) health advisory information; and tsunami-related information;

  • .15 monitor the broadcasts which they originate to ensure that the messages have been correctly broadcast;

  • .16 maintain records of source data relating to NAVAREA warnings in accordance with the requirement of the National Administration of the NAVAREA coordinator;

  • .17 coordinate preliminary discussions between neighbouring Member States, seeking to establish or amend NAVTEX services and with other adjacent Administrations, prior to formal application;

  • .18 contribute to the development of international standards and practices through attendance and participation in the IHO Commission on the Promulgation of Radio Navigational Warnings (CPRNW) meetings, and also participate in relevant IMO, IHO and WMO fora as appropriate, e.g., Sub-Committee on Radiocommunications and Search and (COMSAR), Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services (ETMSS) and other regional conferences, etc., as required; and

  • .19 take into account the need for contingency planning.

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