Regulation 1 - Definitions
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Regulation 1 - Definitions

 For the purpose of this chapter, unless expressly provided otherwise:

  1 International Safety Management (ISM) Code means the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention adopted by the Organization by resolution A.741(18), as may be amended by the Organization, provided that such amendments are adopted, brought into force and take effect in accordance with the provisions of article VIII of the present Convention concerning the amendment procedures applicable to the annex other than chapter I.

  2 Company means the owner of the ship or any other organization or person such as the manager, or the bareboat charterer, who has assumed the responsibility for operation of the ship from the owner of the ship and who on assuming such responsibility has agreed to take over all the duties and responsibilities imposed by the International Safety Management Code.

  3 Oil tanker means an oil tanker as defined in regulation II-1/2.22.

  4 Chemical tanker means a chemical tanker as defined in regulation VII/8.2.

  5 Gas carrier means a gas carrier as defined in regulation VII/11.2.

  6 Bulk carrier means a ship which is constructed generally with single deck, top-side tanks and hopper side tanks in cargo spaces, and is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, and includes such types as ore carriers and combination carriers.footnote

  7 Mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) means a vessel capable of engaging in drilling operations for the exploration for or exploitation of resources beneath the sea-bed such as liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, sulphur or salt.

  8 High-speed craft means a craft as defined in regulation X/1.

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