Scuppers, inlets and discharges ( Regulation 22(1) ) (IACS interpretation LL.11)
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Scuppers, inlets and discharges ( Regulation 22(1) ) (IACS interpretation LL.11)

 An acceptable equivalent to one automatic non-return valve with a positive means of closing from a position above the freeboard deck would be one automatic non-return valve and one sluice valve controlled from above the freeboard deck. Where two automatic non-return valves are required, the inboard valve should always be accessible under service conditions, i.e. the inboard valve should be above the level of the tropical load waterline. If this is not practicable, then, provided a locally controlled sluice valve is interposed between the two automatic non-return valves, the inboard valve need not be fitted above the load waterline.

 Where sanitary discharges and scuppers lead overboard through the shell in way of manned machinery spaces, the fitting to shell of a locally operated position closing valve together with a non-return valve inboard, is considered to provide protection equivalent to the requirements of regulation 22(1).

 The requirements of regulation 22(1) for non-return valves should be applicable only to those discharges which remain open during the normal operation of a ship. For discharges which must necessarily be closed at sea, such as gravity drains from topside ballast tanks, a single screw-down valve operated from the deck is considered to provide efficient protection.

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