Regulation 1 - Definitions
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Regulation 1 - Definitions

 For the purpose of this chapter:

 1 Polar Code means the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters, consisting of an introduction and parts I-A and II-A and parts I-B and II-B, as adopted by resolutions MSC.385(94) and of the Marine Environment Protection Committeefootnote, as may be amended, provided that:

  • .1 amendments to the safety-related provisions of the introduction and part I-A of the Polar Code are adopted, brought into force and take effect in accordance with the provisions of article VIII of the present Convention concerning the amendment procedures applicable to the annex other than chapter I; and
  • .2 amendments to part I-B of the Polar Code are adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee in accordance with its Rules of Procedure.

 2 Antarctic area means the sea area south of latitude 60º S.

 3 Arctic waters means those waters which are located north of a line from the latitude 58º00΄.0 N and longitude 042º00΄.0 W to latitude 64º37΄.0 N, longitude 035º27΄.0 W and thence by a rhumb line to latitude 67º03΄.9 N, longitude 026º33΄.4 W and thence by a rhumb line to the latitude 70º49΄.56 N and longitude 008º59΄.61 W (Sørkapp, Jan Mayen) and by the southern shore of Jan Mayen to 73º31'.6 N and 019º01'.0 E by the Island of Bjørnøya, and thence by a great circle line to the latitude 68º38΄.29 N and longitude 043º23΄.08 E (Cap Kanin Nos) and hence by the northern shore of the Asian Continent eastward to the Bering Strait and thence from the Bering Strait westward to latitude 60º N as far as Il'pyrskiy and following the 60th North parallel eastward as far as and including Etolin Strait and thence by the northern shore of the North American continent as far south as latitude 60º N and thence eastward along parallel of latitude 60º N, to longitude 056º37΄.1 W and thence to the latitude 58º00΄.0 N, longitude 042º00΄.0 W.

 4 Polar waters means Arctic waters and/or the Antarctic area.

 5 Ship constructed means a ship the keel of which is laid or which is at a similar stage of construction.

 6 At a similar stage of construction means the stage at which:

  • .1 construction identifiable with a specific ship begins; and
  • .2 assembly of that ship has commenced comprising at least 50 tonnes or 1% of the estimated mass of all structural material, whichever is less.

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