3 Operation
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Statutory Documents - IMO Publications and Documents - Resolutions - Maritime Safety Committee - Resolution MSC.130(75) - Performance Standards for Inmarsat Ship Earth Stations Capable of Two-Way Communications - (adopted on 21 May 2002) - Annex - Recommendation on Performance Standards for Inmarsat Ship Earth Stations Capable of Two-Way Communications - 3 Operation

3 Operation

  3.1 No control external to the equipment should be available for alteration of the ship station identity.

  3.2 It should be possible to initiate and make distress calls by telephony or data communications from the position at which the ship is normally navigated and from any other position designated for distress alerting. In addition, where a room is provided for radiocommunications, means to initiate distress calls should also be fitted in that room.

  3.3 Where no other means of receiving distress, urgency and safety broadcasts or an addressed distress alert relay are provided and existing levels of aural signals produced by the telephone or printer are considered to be inadequate, the ship earth station equipment should provide an aural/visual alarm of appropriate level.

  3.4 It should be possible to interrupt or initiate distress calls at any time.

  3.5 A distress call should be activated only by means of a dedicated distress button. This button should not be any key of an ITU-T digital input panel or an ISO keyboard provided on the equipment.

  3.6 The dedicated distress button should footnote:

  • .1 be clearly identified; and

  • .2 be protected against inadvertent operation.

  3.7 The distress call initiation should require at least two independent actions.

  3.8 Paragraphs 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 do not apply to Inmarsat-A ship earth stations.

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