Annex 4
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Annex 4

(Regulation V/2.2)
1 Heat Source
The heat source for the fire tests should be provided by a propane gas torch with a Sievert burner type No. 2944 giving a maximum flame temperature of 1600C and burning propane at the rate of 4110 grams per hour with a pressure of 2kgf/cm. The rate of burning should be carefully controlled. The length of blue flame should be approximately 200mm.
2 Specimen
The specimen should be 450mm x 450mm cut from a one metre square panel of the laminate to be tested. The specimen should not incorporate any of the edges of the one metre square panel. The edges of the specimen should be housed in a steel frame sufficiently to prevent them igniting during the tests. The specimen should be cured for at least 28 days before testing.
3 Test procedure
The specimen should be oriented vertically in a draft free location, such that the tip of the blue flame, i.e. the point of greatest heat, impinges on the centre of the specimen with the flame normal to its surface. The non gel coat surface of the specimen should be exposed to the flame. The flame should not burn through the specimen within 15 minutes.

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